Team Building

An intervention on team building enhances the participants understanding of processes which improve their problem solving ability as members of a team.

Business Imperative

Effective teamwork is vital for the health and continued success of any organization. Increasingly, team leaders are managing and developing teams having individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities. On the other side, many professionals are ending up in team leader roles quite early in their careers. Most importantly, the margin of error for organizations has shrunk significantly in recent years, on aspects such as productivity, quality and safety. In such a context, it is sometimes necessary to intervene with expertise to a team achieve cohesion and alignment.


This program helps teams enhance problem solving ability by raising team member’s awareness of team processes and helps identify and remove ineffective processes in team functioning.


Any effective team’s performance is characterized as much by discipline and hard work as it is by empowerment, togetherness, and positive group dynamics. To bring about such a set of characteristics, the team leader and the team members need to recognize how they are creating the reality of their team context. Team building interventions are facilitative processes to help teams recognize these reinforcing patterns, and learn to reverse and replace them.

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