Interviewing Skills

Training program on interviewing skills equip the participants to probe with minimum error of judgment relevant areas of the applicants profile and also raise awareness of their own biases in interpreting responses.

Business Imperative

Talent has been, and will continue to be, in short supply. Identifying the right talent, and influencing him/her to join, requires managers to have mastery over the selection process.


This program helps participants develop proficiency to ask pertinent questions during the interview process to probe all aspects of the job requirements and the candidate’s suitability for the same. This program also helps participants become aware of their own internal processes in interpreting interviewee responses.


Today’s selection context comprises of ‘prepared’ interviewees, well aware about typical interview questions, and the ‘right’ answers for them. Also, the trend of exaggerating past experience and achievements is becoming rampant.

Hence, there is need to equip interviewers with skills such that they do not ask the same set of questions to multiple candidates, yet look for the same set of qualities in them.

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