Execution Excellence Programs in HR

Execution Excellence Programs are knowledge and skill enhancement programs for experienced professionals in areas of Human Resources designed to give inputs comprising advancement of knowledge and skills in the field.

Business Imperative

Building the capability of the HR function to deliver effectively is an important agenda for businesses. This program seeks to provide a solution to one part of this overall capability building effort: developing the functional capability of those in frontline roles in HR. Frontline roles are the typical implementation-oriented roles that, for instance, most fresh, qualified HR professionals perform in the first 5 years of their career. The added significance of the HR frontline is that, being the face of HR for most employees, they help shape employee perceptions about the company in general and in particular about its people management philosophy. The crucial nature of their roles calls for focus on their capability building.


Human resource management tasks, delivered with consistent professional quality, make an important contribution to business success. Improved ability to attract and hire talented employees, longer retention of talent in the system, and development of strong pools of able, loyal and collaborative managers who make significant contribution to the business, are some of the outcomes.


Execution Excellence Programs are blended (web-based, as well as face-to-face, in physical classroom) programs to enable participants to upgrade knowledge and skills, in the light of recent research and trends in the HR field. They also help participants grasp the strategic context of their work, and thus realize the importance of their work, and the necessity to complete it in time as per expected quality.

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