Influence, Negotiation and Conflict Handling

This training program introduces participants to the use of established frameworks in the area of Influence, Negotiations and Conflict Handling to be more effective in their day to day functioning.

Business Imperative

Conflict Situations and Negotiations not adequately resolved can continually subvert organizational functioning, hence it is imperative that organizations conclude negotiations and resolve conflicts to release organizational potential.


Judicious use of influencing skills, negotiations and conflict situations optimally resolved can gain organizations substantive competitive advantage apart from smoothening internal functioning.


Divergent objectives and perspectives of different functions serve as a fertile ground to give rise to conflicts. Conflict situations put a strain on organizational functioning which are a source of innovative ideas and practices and which highlight areas for improvement and streamlining processes. Conflict situations left unattended have potential to create grave disruptions. This program exposes participants to the use of frameworks for constructively resolving conflicts such that organizations benefit from conflict situations.

Negotiations take place to optimize outcomes in limiting situations. These limiting situations would persist should negotiations fail, hence a pressure to successfully conclude negotiations. This program exposes participants to frameworks to better prepare and conduct negotiations.

Influence help generate acceptance and support for ideas and initiatives which fetch organizations better results than following directives without conviction. This program exposes participants to frameworks to use influence as a tool to prevail upon individuals and groups to be receptive to ideas and initiatives put forward.

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