Business Process Leaders Program

A Business Process Leadership Program is a skill-and-behavior focused program designed to help participants effectively lead business processes to impact business.

Business Imperative

The famous McKinsey book, The Real Change Leaders, the life-long work of thinkers like Barry Oshry and Elliott Jaques, and many other writings by others as well, point to the crucial role that the organizational middle plays in executing strategy. Nearly all strategy needs to be converted into actions plans that call for business process leaders to make specific changes – in aspects such as productivity, quality, flexibility, or innovation.

Whenever a leader of a business process seeks to make such changes (For the purpose of common understanding, let’s say that we have a typical Finance function inside a business. Business processes that fall within its traditional ambit are Accounting, Auditing, Tax Management, MIS and Budgets, Corporate Finance, and Treasury.), he or she faces ground level challenges. Pulled in contrary directions by these two sets of imperatives, these individuals help meet the challenges in effecting and stabilizing all change in organizations, starting from simple growth, to making mergers work.


The first benefit of such an intervention is merely to make incumbents in such roles see the big picture – how the work they do enables strategy to be put into effect. These programs typically widen the range of areas that such managers focus on. They are made to examine the business consequences of their decisions and actions. In particular, the importance of working effectively with peers is brought home.

Managing managers as a skill distinct from managing individual contributors is also an area of focus in these programs.

These programs enable business process leaders to change their perspective of their responsibilities, taking greater interest in strategic connect, and in peer level collaboration, while focusing on building capability within the business process.


Business Process Leaders often enter into such roles by dint of their track record of demonstrating functional competence, results orientation, and people orientation.

Future orientation is often low among them, as is grasp of the business as a whole, and appreciation of the other business processes. This program spurs participants to turn their attention to these areas, while continuing to own the challenge of developing the capability of their own business process.

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